Executive Board of Directors Meeting June 13, 1999

Meeting Minutes

USATF - Montana Association, Inc.

The second executive board meeting of USATF - Montana Association, Inc. was called to order on June 13, 1999, by Bill Brist at 10:15 a.m. in the Hall of Fame Room in Montana State University's Brickbreeden Fieldhouse. In attendence were: Bill Brist, President; Pam Sikkink, Secretary-Treasurer; Rob Stark, Men's Track & Field; Mavis Lorenz, Masters Track & Field; and Dave Skelton, Youth Chairman. In addition, two new committee chair appointees were present and introduced by Bill. These new appointees were: Kevin Cleary, Records Committee Chair; and Kris Hanson, Credentials and Elections Committee Chair.

The minutes for the last executive board meeting were circulated for all to read and accept/reject. The minutes were accepted with two corrections proposed by Mavis. Two new items were added to the board meeting agenda. These included funding and reimbursement to executive board meetings (because of the increased number of meetings that were now required by officers and committee chairs) and approval of state championship bids that were received by the state office.

Bill presented several handouts, in addition to the agenda, for members to refer to during the meeting. These included:

  1. a letter restating the intent to fill vacant positions on the board and introducing the two new appointees mentioned above and a description of their responsibilities;
  2. a copy of Roberts Rules of Order describing the board of directors and proper parliamentary procedures followed during director's meetings;
  3. a copy of the current Montana Association by-laws;
  4. a copy of the current structure, according to the bylaws, of USATF Montana with an attachment of vacant positions;
  5. a copy of travel convention policies from the Oregon Track Club for discussion on changes to our current convention funding; and
  6. a copy of the current financial standing for the Association;


President's Report

Bill opened the meeting with welcoming remarks and a long president's report. Several issues were presented in his report. First, he presented the format and procedures to follow at Board of Director's meetings for discussion by the group. Since this issue is not specifically addressed in the by-laws, Bill suggested following Robert's Rules of Order to conduct business during these meetings. As such, all board meetings are closed to the general membership and discussions are confidential until the meeting minutes are made available to the public. Dissenting opinion was given by Dave, who did not agree with the idea of closed BOD meetings and suggested a compromise of opening each meeting with a 15 minute general meeting, then closing for a BOD (Board of Directors' meeting). Pam pointed out general meeting's must be publicized prior to the meeting, according to the by-laws, and that this would increase costs to conduct three BOD meetings each year. Mavis concurred with the presented BOD format, and especially liked the possibilities of relaxing parliamentary rules for a more informal meeting. Bill's goals are to run the organization such that the board makes final decisions on items and actions decided on in committees. As such, the BOD has committees that work under its supervision and these committees are where the decisions and discussions are taking place (Montana Association by-laws p. 5, section B-3). Therefore, anyone interested in helping with the organization should get involved in a committee to have their voice and opinions heard. At this point, we don't have enough committees going to function as a body that can bring recommendations to the BOD for approval or disapproval. There is no motion for this BOD meeting format. It was presented as a report for discussion only.

The second item in Bill's report was the plans for how to conduct the annual meeting. Bill presented the idea of taking a time slot from the annual meeting for committee business and committee formation to give the general membership a chance to participate in a committee. Bill also pointed out the committee can form or meet at anytime, anywhere and doesn't have to be at annual meeting. He presented a suggestion of having a block schedule, as is done at convention, with the committee meetings set for the morning and the general annual meeting set for the afternoon. The advantage of this would be to make time available for people to volunteer for what they would like to do and make opportunities to get people involved and spread out the work.

The third item in Bill's report addressed the appointment of committee chairs that was brought up at the last annual meeting. These appointments are covered in the by-laws under Art 7 Section D. If four or more clubs have athletes actively participating in the sport, then the committee chair may be elected by the committee at its annual meeting. Art 7 Section B-3 says that the number of members comprising a committee may be designated by the Association president.

Bill made a motion to accept the president's report as spoken. It was approved unanimously.

Lunch Break: A motion was made to use funds to provide a working lunch to the current BOD members present at the meeting. Motion passed unanimously with Rob Stark out of attendance.


Vice-President's Report

The Vice-President, Mary Aude, was not in attendance and no one was able to contact her for weeks before the BOD meeting. Calls were not returned that were left on her answering machine, and e-mail was not answered (although it was not returned by the e-mail server because it could not be delivered). A letter sent by regular mail informing her of the meeting and requesting an RSVP was also not answered. The meeting was temporarily adjourned to discuss the Vice President and problems associated with personnel.


Treasurer's Report

The meeting reconvened with the the Treasurer's report by Pam Sikkink. The handout presented to the BOD shows the Association with total income for the first two quarters of 1999 of $5501.72. Total expenses are $4765.47. These totals reflect all income from Junior Olympic membership. These two quarters traditionally are the greatest for income. In the next two quarters, expenses will be more than income. The expense report shows that the association is generating the same income and expenses as in the past several years. Report was accepted and approved.


Coaches Committee

This committee is a special committee formed by Bill at the last BOD meeting. Pam reported that the Coaches Clinic booth for Aug. 99 was now paid for in full so planning would have to begin on who would man it and what prizes would be given away. Dave suggested Garin Marty (spelling?) for the new committee chair of the Coaches Committee and to help with the booth at the Coaches Clinic. He interacts with high school coaches well, is a level 1 certified coach and coaches with Bozeman Track Club. Rob will talk to Ralph Halverson about a good position for the Coaches Clinic booth.


Master's Athletics

Mavis reported on the Senior Olympics held their meet this same weekend with 270 athletes participating in all events and 67 in the track and field events. July 4th will be the Masters meet in Seattle (for gays only). She also pointed out a possible problem with the year 2000 Northwest Divisional Masters Meet to be held at MSU on July 29-30, 2000. It is also possibly being billed as the Montana State Championship, without BOD or Montana Association approval through the bid process. The regional meeting is being held in Seattle to discuss the regional meet and Mavis will plan on going and talking to Bob Sager, meet director, about the problem. Mavis will be put on the agenda for the annual meeting to report on northwest regionals and how bids are awarded to it from the national office. Report was accepted as spoken.


Distance Running Committee

Bill reported that little has been done on this committee. He solicited names for new committee chairs. These names included: Russ Skelton, Ray Hunt, Stu Melby, Tom Raunig, Jodi Kapple. This committee is currently inactive and looking for a new chairperson. Report was accepted as spoken.



The Officials Chair, Zelda Haines, was absent from the meeting and did not respond to RSVP on attendance. Zelda also did not attend the last BOD meeting in Missoula. Consideration was given to finding a new officials chair. Possible names to contact include Ritt Hoblitt and Kathy Close. We need to think about recruiting for the next year for this position for an empty or inactive chair for this important position.


Men's Track and Field Committee

Rob Stark reported that both the UM and MSU are committed to good track programs. Title 9 now assures women's track and field and men's track and field are fully funded. Big Sky Outdoor Championships will be held at MSU next year. Bill moved the report be accepted as spoken. It was approved.


Racewalking Committee

This chair position is currently open and there is nothing to discuss. Dave will contact Jean McGinnus to see if she is interested in taking the position.

Youth Athletics Committee

Dave presented a report on the state championships that were just completed the day before this meeting. He reported that the meet went well with approximately 230+ athletes. He had lots of good comments on the "extras" for the meet, including programs, t-shirts, club medals, individual medals, etc. The guidebooks were pushed to high schools this year. Next year, he plans to hit the junior highs with mailings. The following year, he will concentrate on the younger kids, when he hopes there will be more clubs formed for them to join. The co-ed relays went well and had a nice medal. Dave reported that the process of awarding the medals was a pain this year because of power failures at the university and computer problems associated with them. He said the racewalkers were discouraged from competing this year until Jean McGinnus has more time to work with them and train them to go on in competition. He reported that the Association needs to buy another banner or two for these type of events. He also reported that there will be a lot happening in Bozeman next year (with nw regionals, Big Sky championships, etc), and care will need to be taken not to burn out the volunteers. Dave was commended by all in the group for his tremendous effort to put on this championship and for his commitment to excellence and to giving the kids a lot of extra perks for their participation in this meet.

Dave approached the subject of cross country championships. Bill suggested that he contact Big Timber and to try for the weekend after the state high school meet. This would place the meet on Nov. 1, and contact should be made with Dan Burmeister. The subject of promotion of USATF at the Mountain West Classic (high school only this year) was broached. The meet will be Sept. 25 and brings in 40 high school teams. Bill is meet director. Dave will try to have cross country info ready to stuff in Mountain West Packet. BOD will consider more promotion, such as booth, hats, t-shirts, packet stuffers, for promoting at this meet.

Dave also reported that a video was made of the state JO competition. This video should be edited and ready by the Coaches Clinic in Aug. and to show at the annual meeting. Dave's report was accepted as spoken.


Adhoc Committee

The adhoc committee for determining criteria for accepting bids for Junior Olympic meets was chaired by Dave. Bill pointed out that this committee would not be necessary because of bylaw directives in Art. 8 Section D2. This portion of the bylaws states that these criteria are up to the sports committee chairman. Bids should also be channeled through the sports committee chair and then presented to the BOD for approval and acceptance of bid. Dave made a motion to disband the adhoc committee in light of the bylaw directives and the motion passed unanimously.


Adhoc Committee

The adhoc committee for determining convention funding policies presented a list of requirements that are adopted by Oregon's Track Club Masters for discussion by the BOD on policies that might be adopted by the Montana Association. Bill questioned how many of our delegates actually represent Montana's interests at the national convention or go for other reasons. He and others also questioned what Montana gets out of the $1000 paid to convention delegates. Reports from last year's delegates were distributed for the BOD to read. According to the bylaws, the committee chairs are supposed to appoint the convention delegates (as opposed to accept those who volunteer at the annual meeting) and the board approves those delegates. A motion was made to continue with the adhoc committee to draw up selection criteria, etc., for presentation to the committee in one month. A letter will go out from Bill to all who have attended convention with Association funding in the past to inform them that procedural changes are in the works and that funding will be suspended or curtailed for this year because of the committee deliberations on funding criteria.


Communication and Publication Committee

The BOD directed a newsletter be put out in July 1999. According to the bylaws, all sports committee chairs must submit a report on their activities for publication (page 7, Art. 8 D2). All committee chairs are required to submit an article suitable for the newsletter by July 5 to publish for the general membership. Reminders will be sent out by Pam on June 28 of this deadline.



New business

A request was made by Mavis to consider reimbursement for BOD members for travel to BOD meeting. This request is in light of the fact that the BOD meetings are being placed around the state and there are now more to donate time, money and effort to than just the annual meeting. Several alternatives were presented to fulfill this request by the BOD members present: mileage and lunch, mileage at 10 cents a mile; mileage at 30 cents a mile. Mileage one-way; mile-age two way. Dave made a motion that BOD members be reimbursed, if they so desire, for gas and for a working lunch during the meetings; with the understanding that gas is filled before they leave for their destination and a written receipt is presented to the treasurer. Discussion followed about the other options mentioned above. Dave called for the question and the motion passed unanimously.

Two championship bid applications were presented by sports committee chairs. Dave, as youth athletics chair, presented a bid application (submitted to the state office on 4/23/99) for approval of Bozeman Track Club to host the state Junior Olympic Championships. It was approved unanimously.

Bill presented a bid for the Cheetah Herders Athletic Club to host the LeGriz Ultramarathon as a state championship ultramarathon. It was approved unanimously.

Mavis and Dave need to be sent state bid championship applications.

Discussion on when and where to hold the annual meeting centered on Missoula on Sunday, Sept. 19. Because of the request to have separate rooms for committee meetings in the morning, a site at the Missoula schools or UM will be looked into by Mavis and Pam. Alternately, the meeting will be held in Seeley Lake, which has classrooms for committee meeting, on the same date.

Dave is working on criteria for coach of the year designations from the Association. This work will continue until it is ready to present to the BOD.

The next BOD meeting will be after the general annual meeting on Sept. 19. Committee meetings will be in the morning of that day, followed by annual meeting in the afternoon, followed by closed BOD meeting.

Bill made a motion to adjourn. Rob seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. The meeting adjourned at 3:30 p.m.