Board of Director's Meeting

January 29, 2000

Hall of Fame Room, Montana State University, Bozeman


Bill Brist called the Board of Directors' meeting to order with roll call of the board members present.

Executive board members in attendance (Roll Call):

Bill Brist, Pres.; Mavis Lorenz, Masters' Athletics; Rob Stark, Men's Track & Field;

Dave Skelton, Youth Athletics; Garan Marty, Development;

Pam Sikkink, Sec/Treas/Registration/Communication.

Gallery attendees: Art Sikkink, automatic timing consultant.

The minutes of the previous board meeting were passed around to read and approve. The minutes were approved.

Bill gave a president's report that summarized the association progress toward meeting by-law directives. He reported that three board meetings were held in the past year. He reiterated that the purpose of the board of directors is to pass/reject proposals brought to the board by committee action. He tentatively proposed the next board meeting be held in conjunction with the Junior Olympics in June. He summarized the rationale and convenience of having the meeting at the same time as Jos; namely, that the meeting would bring in association help for the Junior Olympics, that most members would be at the meet anyway, and that the combination would eliminate one trip for most people. He concluded his report with appreciation to board members for taking appointments for the year and thanked several board members who had worked exceptionally hard to build the USATF Montana programs and membership this past year in the association, including Dave Skelton in youth and Garan Marty in development.

The Vice President's report was not available. The Vice-President (Mary Aude) was not present and did not submit a report via mail or e-mail. Dave reported that Mary was not able to drive any distance to BOD meetings due to illness and his efforts to find a ride for her with another person were unsuccessful. He also reported that Mary was back on e-mail so should have been able to communicate with all board members.

The Treasurer's Report was essentially given to all present in the earlier committee meetings, so nothing was reported in the board meeting itself.

There were several administrative reports given at this meeting. Only the Youth committee and the Development Committee submitted proposals to request funding:

Elections Committee - there were several new criteria on election procedures due to reorganization at the national level. These will be a newsletter item.

Officials Committee - No report. Chair not in attendance (Zelda Haines).

Communications - Board was given notice to pursue a new person for newsletter. Pam will do next newsletter. Bill will handle next. After that, the board should come up with a person willing to produce a quality newsletter for the association within budget restrictions.

Budget and Finance - Report given in committee. No proposals presented at this time. Actions will continue as status quo.

Registration and membership - Covered in committee. No proposals presented at this time.

Records - Association records for Junior Olympics have been updated. The committee needs to develop a set of guidelines for keeping records (i.e. what kinds to keep, how to keep (members only vs. top athlete). The committee also needs much more manpower to expand the records outside Junior Olympics.

Laws & legistlation - Position just filled. There has never been a person in this position before. Chair was not appointed in timely manner to attend this board meeting to present report.

Youth Athletics - Dave presented a request motion to the BOD to allot $500 to the youth committee for Junior Olympic championship expenses, including additional ribbons (places 4-6), championship team plaques, and advertising for the program. (No expenses are to be picked up for the actual running of the meet or the facilities, as these are the responsibility of the host club). Rob seconded the request. Mavis asked for an estimation of total costs for the meet(s); however, this request could not be honored because the costs depend heavily on the facilities chosen. Bill spoke to the request and recommended granting as a "support measure toward the program." Pam called for the question and the motion for funding passed unanimously.

Masters' Committee: Report filed in committee. No additional proposals.

Track and Field Sub-Committees: Reports filed in committee. No additional proposals.

Long-Distance Running: Reports filed in committee. No additional proposals.

Coaches Education: Garan proposed a motion to continue funding and participating in the coaches clinic held in Great Falls in August up to a maximum of $250. Bill seconded the proposal. Volunteers will man the booth. The motion passed unanimously.


New business:

1) Delegates were selected for convention. These delegates will include: Kim and Zelda Haines, Anne Timmons, Bill Brist, John Bauman, Dave Skelton and Mary Aude. Bill will send out delegate guidelines and notice of selection for this year.

2) Rob made a motion to support mailing costs of a USA Track and Field Championship Brochure up to $150. Garan amended the motion to stipulate the mailing goes out only to youth members. Rob amended his motion to so stipulate and, additionally, to limit the funding to $100. Bill seconded the motion. Bill also called for the question and the motion passed.

3) Rob moved to accept the Championship Bid application submitted by Bozeman Track Club for the state championship Junior Olympics to be held in Bozeman. Garan seconded the motion. It passed unanimously.

4) The next board of director's meeting will be set in Bozeman in conjunction with the Junior Olympic championships.

Motion was made and seconded to adjourn. The motion passed and the meeting adjourned at 2:25 p.m.