Annual Meeting Committee Meeting Minutes

September 19, 1999

Absent committee chairpersons: Stu Melby, Dave Skelton, Rob Stark, Mavis Lorenz

Administrative Committee (chair, Bill Brist)

President Bill Brist brought the committee meetings to order. He started with an overview of the restructuring plan put out by the national office for USATF. Restructuring will affect the way our association operates. Currently, we operate by by-laws that must be in conjunction with rules of the national office for associations. Restructuring will affect these by-laws. In particular, restructuring will affect:

  1. elections, including the amount of notice that must be given, who can nominate, who can hold office (must be 18 years old), who can vote (no proxy, minimum age of 18 on day of election);
  2. must be a member in previous 30 day period to elections (must be put in our by-laws);
  3. appointed committee members can't vote (a change from our current operating policy);
  4. "organization" vote may have a cap. Kris Hanson will check on organization vote breakdown to determine if there is a cap (this will change our by-laws);
  5. how our voting is conducted (need to add balanced ballot option to by-laws);
  6. election of chairperson in committees that meet the requirements of members or number of clubs may require a change to by-laws to reflect these election procedures.

Bill summarized part 2 of the restructuring plan for standards required of associations and how these standards would affect our association. These included:

  1. individual memberships (minimum of 1000 members is a problem in our association);
  2. minimum of 16 organizations/clubs (current organizations in Montana number 13);
  3. minimum of 50 officials (we are currently below this standard);
  4. Montana association has a problem with lack of championships in many disciplines;
  5. Montana association has a problem with too few delegates to national convention;
  6. communications (covered but not effective);
  7. coaching clinics (each association required (?) to hold one level I coaching clinic per year).

The restructuring plan will be proposed and voted on at the national convention in December. After that vote, we will know what our problems and goals must be for future years, and what adjustments must be made to the by-laws to reflect the restructuring mandates.

Officials Committee (chair, Zelda Haines)

Zelda reported on the past history of the officials committee, giving information the two officials clinics held in Bozeman and Missoula that resulted in 70-80 certified officials before the last olympiad. With required renewal in 1996, however, very few certified officials renewed their certifications so at the current time we are operating at below 40 certified officials. Zelda reiterated that certified officials must renew every 4 years and that all officials should be members of USATF. She summarized the benefits of working meets at the national level (i.e. free t-shirt), even though many of our officials are not certified at the national level.

Zelda summarized the working experience that is required to advance to different levels of certification. The most important item looked at for advancement is a wide range of working experience. Those officials who have worked at many levels (grade school, high school, state and regional championships, college meets, etc.) are most likely to advance to national and/or master level certifications.

For the year 2000, Zelda has only old addresses to send out renewals. She could use updated addresses from the officials themselves to contact them for the next renewal cycle. Other associations have the same problems with lost addresses over the four-year time frame, so the problem is not unique to our association.

John Bauman suggested that everybody over the age of 18 should become an active official. The cost is $30 and a written, open-book test is required to get the certification. Race and meet directors should be contacted to help promote this process.

Bill Brist suggested that the officials clinic for both renewals and new officials be held in conjunction with the state Junior Olympic championships instead of on a separate day because many of the persons who do track and field officiating for USATF and other events will be there anyway.

Zelda will work out the organizational details for putting on the clinic, with the help of John Bauman. She will put out news releases for the date and time of an officials clinic for the newsletter and in newspapers across the state. Publication help will be given by the communications committee, but Zelda will get the clinic organized. Details should be worked out by December and presented at the next board meeting in January.

Records Committee (chair, Kevin Clary)

Kevin Clary presented an updated copy of the USATF - Montana Association Junior Olympic Track and Field records to the members at the annual meeting. The records show eight records broken in 1999 in all age groups.

Bill Brist suggested that Kevin keep records of past records in the sanctioned road races around the state also.

Kevin will submit a newsletter article on the USATF JO Track & field records broken in 1999.

Communications Committee (chair, Pam Sikkink)

Many comments were received on the lack of a newsletter. Pam reported that no help was given by any chairperson to put material in a newsletter. A reminder to all chairpersons was sent out on June 27, as required at the June Board Meeting, to submit articles by July 1. No articles were received. Bill Brist stated that in order to put out a newsletter all chairpersons MUST submit articles. This is stated in the by-laws. Dave Skelton had comments that were submitted in writing on supporting the production of a newsletter. These were read by Garen Marty.

Laws and Legislation Committee (chair, Kevin Clary)

Kevin Clary will temporarily chair this previously vacant position. The job of this committee chair is to refer to the by-laws if anyone is in doubt as to how to run association business. One example would be to look up the selection of delegates to the national convention in our bylaws and make sure we are following proper procedure in their selection (i.e. which committees are eligible to choose their own delegate). Kevin will also accept any filed grievances against the association.

Master's Athletics Committee (chair, Mavis Lorenz)

Mavis submitted a written report to the association to be read in her absence. Pam Sikkink read the report in its entirety. It consisted of a report on the participation of the U.S. in the 13th World Cup (547 Master's athletes from US). It also reported on the accomplishments of Al Funk, 85 years old of Bozeman, who set a new national masters record in the 800 (3.38.8) and the 1500 (7:12.0) at the Big sky state games in July. Mavis also reported that the Seattle Master's USATF NW Regional Championships held July 17-18 had few participants and Mavis stated that is was a poorly run meet.

The schedule for 2000 masters events is:

Mar 24-26 USATF National Masters Indoor Championships, Boston, MA

Aug 10-13 USATF National Masters Outdoor Championships, Eugene, OR

July USATF Regional NW Championships, Bozeman, MT

Mavis also reported on the death of Manuel White, 83 of Helena. Manuel was a long-time USATF member who holds national and world records in throwing events. His obituary was attached to her report.