Track & Field Junior Olympics and Open Masters State 2003

Girls 100m Start Girls 100m Start Mens Open/Masters 100m 3000 Combined 3000 Combined
Bantam Boys 200M Start Boys 1500M Committee with Charlie & Betty Merrifield Combined 3000 Start Doug Darko Starter
Finish Line Crew Frank and Wayne Girs 100M Hurdles Girls 1500 M Girls 1500M
Girls Hurdles Intermediate 110M Hurdles Intermediate 400M Intermediate Boys Intermediate Boys 100M
Intermediate Girls 100M Intermediate Girls 400M Jerry and Susan Clerks Jerry and Ty Clerks Meet Committeee
5000 Meters Awards Intermediate Boys 1500M Awards Midget Boys 100M Midget Boys 1500M, Alec Suryant Midget Boys 1500M, Shawn Skelton
Midget Boys High Jump Midget Boys High Jump Midget Girls Midget Girls 100M Patiently Waiting Results
Personal Record Rob Stark and Dave Skelton Should We Scratch? Starter Instructions They're Off!
They're Off and Running Young Woman's 200M Youth Girls 100M Start Youth Girls 100M Awards Youth Girls 100M Finish