Bozeman Track Club
"All-Comers" Indoor Track & Field Meet
Sunday, January 30, 2005

Welcome to the 2005 Bozeman Track Club "All-Comer's" Indoor Track & Field Meet on the campus of Montana State University.

This will be the fourth year of hosting an "All-Comer's" indoor track & field meet in the Brick Breeden Fieldhouse and it is our highest expectations that this indoor meet will become an annual event for many years! It's future from year-to-year depends on its success with coaches and athletes, and the ability to have adequate numbers to host the meet.

Please review the following information provided below regarding format, participation, and schedule of events. We respectfully request that you adhere to the format and rules of the track meet in order to achieve a successful event and to protect the welfare and safety of all participants.

This "All-Comer's" indoor track & field meet is on a year-to-year "good faith" renewal with Montana State University and will be evaluated yearly based on the merits of the previous meet. It is imperative that all participants, coaches, parents, and spectators assist us with avoiding the potential in losing this opportunity to host a track meet in the only facility that can accommodate such an event in our state. Furthermore, we ask that everyone involved assist in promoting the sport of track & field through this event by promoting good sportsmanship, a positive experience, and the philosophy that everyone who participates is a winner!

USA Track & Field - Montana Association will have information available at the "All-Comer's" track & field meet regarding the Junior Olympic program and the up coming USATF-Montana Track & Field State Championships to be held this spring in Missoula at Missoula Big Sky High School. Please feel free to view more information about USA Track & Field on the Association's website at If you wish to be placed on a mailing list or e-mail address book for up coming events sponsored by USATF-Montana feel free to contact Dave Skelton, Youth Athletics Chair, at


The following guidelines and rules will apply:

  • There is pre-registration deadline of Saturday, January 22nd. Entry forms must be postmarked no later than Saturday, January 22nd, or an additional $5.00 late fee will be charged. Contact Dave Skelton at 406-587-7698 (evenings) for late entries after Saturday, January 22nd.

  • The five age divisions for participants are "Midget" - (4-6 grade), "Youth" - (7-8 grade), "High School" - (9-12 grade)," "open," (19+ born 1987 or earlier), and "masters" (40+ born 1966 or earlier). Proof of age may be required for both the "midget" and "youth" divisions.

  • Entry Fee is $10.00/athlete with three (3) events for "Midget," "Youth," and "Master's" and five (5) events for "High School" (exclusive of co-ed relays) and "Open."

  • 2005 USATF membership cards are not required, but highly recommended. Athletes with current 2005 USATF membership cards will have liability insurance during competition, as well as traveling to and from the "All-Comer's" Indoor Track Meet.

  • Athletes will not be allowed on the arena floor unless they have their bib number pinned on the front of their uniform, except for the pole vault. Bib numbers must be pinned at all four corners.

  • Medals and ribbons will be awarded to the top six finishers in each track & field event for all age divisions.

  • Coaches are allowed on the arena floor to supervise athletes in field events, only after receiving a Coach's Pass and authorization from the meet director.

  • Parents must remain in the upper bleachers and stay off the arena floor. This is a liability matter as well as a safety precaution. Please assist us with respecting the requirements of the M.S.U. fieldhouse operations office and avoid any potential disqualification of athletes.

  • Only 1/8" exposed "cone" spikes are permitted for all track & field events. No needle nose spikes are permitted. Make sure athletes understand specified spikes that are permitted in competition shoes. Athletes will not be permitted onto the arena without approved competition shoes and spikes. Competition shoes without spikes are also permitted.

  • Girls/women will precede boys/men in all track & field events.

  • There are no prelim heats and/or flights in either the track or field events. All track events are "timed finals."

  • Field event athletes must check in with the "Head Event Official" at the correct location of their event during "first call" by the announcer.

  • Starting heights for high jump and pole vault will be based on the height requested by athletes and coaches.

  • Track events will take priority over field events. Note: Parents of athletes in the "midget" and "youth" division must remind their athlete that they must immediately excuse themselves with the Head Official of a field event if they are called for a track event, and return immediately to the field event upon completing their track event. It will be the responsibility of the athlete to inform both the Head Field Event Official and Clerk of the Course of any conflict in a field and track event.

  • There will be one "false start" allowed per athlete for all track events; the second will be a disqualification.

  • The "All-Comer's" meet will use the "rolling schedule" format for all track & field events. Please listen closely to the announcer's call for events over the PA system.

  • Track athletes are to check into the Clerk of the Course located in the lobby at the southwest corner of the fieldhouse arena floor (i.e., under Section 204), during the "first call" of their event.

  • Official results will be posted at the west lobby outside of the arena.
Events Offered by Age Divsion


High School
55 Meter Dash Girls & Boys Girls & Boys Girls & Boys Men & Women Men & Women
200 Meter Dash Girls & Boys Girls & Boys Girls & Boys Men & Women Men & Women
400 Meter Dash Girls & Boys Girls & Boys Girls & Boys Men & Women Men & Women
800 Meter Run Girls & Boys Girls & Boys Girls & Boys Men & Women Men & Women
1600 Meter Run Girls & Boys Girls & Boys Girls & Boys Men & Women Men & Women
3200 Meter Run N/A Girls & Boys Girls & Boys Men & Women Men & Women
55 Meter Hurdles 30" Girls & Boys 30" Girls & Boys Girls & Boys Men & Women N/A
200 Co-ed Relay N/A Youth Girls & Boys N/A N/A
Long Jump Girls & Boys Girls & Boys Girls & Boys Men & Women Men & Women
Triple Jump N/A Girls & Boys Girls & Boys Men & Women Men & Women
High Jump Girls & Boys Girls & Boys Girls & Boys Men & Women Men & Women
Shot Put 6lb Girls & Boys 6lb G - 4kg B 4kg G - 12lb B Men & Women Men & Women
Pole Vault N/A Girls & Boys Girls & Boys Men & Women N/A

Note: Maximum number of events for "Midget," "Youth", and "Masters" is three (3) events and for "High School" and "Open" is four (4) events, exclusive of co-ed relays. There are a limited number of events available to participate in the "Master's" division. Double check to see what events are available. For more information go to the USATF-Montana Association website at, or contact the meet director, Dave Skelton at

Schedule of Events

This track & field meet has a "rolling schedule", which means that with exception to a start time for the meet there is no scheduled time for the start of each running event. Pay close attention to the schedule of events and be aware of what events are occurring at any given time during the indoor meet. Listen for the "first" and "second" calls for each event and schedule your warm-ups accordingly! The schedule of events will not change the day of the events.

Field Events
11:30 P.M. Weight Throw - M.S.U. Exhibition
12:00 P.M. Long Jump - Midget/Youth/High School/Open/Masters
  Pole Vault - Youth/High School/Open
  Shot Put - Midget/Youth/High School/Open/Masters
1:30 P.M. High Jump - Midget/Youth/High School/Open/Masters
  Triple Jump - Youth/High School/Open/Masters

No prelims, girls/women first, followed by boys/men. Marshalling for Field Events
will be at event site. Check in with the Head Official for each field event.

Track Events
12:00 P.M. 55 Meter Hurdles - Midget/Youth/High School/Open
  1600 Meter Run - Midget/Youth/High School/Open/Masters
  55 Meter Dash - Midget/Youth/High School/Open/Masters
  400 Meter Dash - Midget/Youth/High School/Open/Masters
  800 Meter Run - Midget/Youth/High School/Open/Masters
  200 Meter Dash - Midget/Youth/High School/Open/Masters
  3200 Meter Run - Youth/High School/Open/Masters
  4 X 200 Meter Co-ed Relay - High School

1/8" Exposed "cone" spikes only for track & field events (no needle nose)!

All events will be timed finals and run on the 200-meter track. Athletes report to the marshalling area for Track Events at the southwest corner of the arena.

Medals and Ribbons to top six finishers - Hats - T-shirts - Photos
High School & Open Divisions - Unlimited Events
Midget, Youth & Masters (40+) Divisions - 3 Events Max.

Start time at 12:00 P.M., doors open at 10:30 A.M. (south entrance). $10/athlete entry fee, free admission for spectators/coaches/parents. For more information contact Dave Skelton at (406) 587-7698 (evening's only), or e-mail address at (e-mail preferred). Entry forms and general information available on USA Track & Field Montana Association's website at