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Sanctioned Events

What is a Sanction?

A sanction is a certificate issued by USATF, through a local association ( i.e. Montana), which approves and, in effect, licenses the holding of Athletics competition in the United States. It is only issued to an event which meet the criteria of the Amateur Sports Act of 1978, as well as applicable International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) and USA Track & Field statutes and rules. Article 20 of the Bylaws and Operating Regulation 14 contain the applicable rules. In administering the sport's sanctioning policy, USATF performs a public duty, which it accepted when it became the national governing body for Athletics in the United States.

Fee Schedule

The following fee schedule is used to determine SANCTION FEES:

NON- MEMBER APPLICATION $40.00 Association Fee +_____ National Fee (below) ________= TOTAL SANCTION FEE

(Must have club application with sanction or on file in state association office)

Association Fee $15.00 + _____ National Fee (below) ______= TOTAL SANCTION FEE

National Fee Schedule - (updated March 27, 2003)

Number of Entrants
USATF Member
1 - 100 $65.00 $90.00
101 - 250 $90.00 $115.00
251 - 500 $165.00 $190.00
501 - 1,000 $315.00 $340.00
1,001 - 2,000 $515.00 $540.00
2,001 - 4,000 $715.00 $740.00
4,001 - 6,000 $1315.00 $1340.00
6001 - 15,000 $3015.00 $3040.00
15,001+ $5015.00 $5040.00

How to Sanction an Event

A USA Track & Field sanctioning form is obtained by contacting the association office. Any events that award prize money in excess of $250 or have international athletes need to request a special form (Addendum A) in addition to the sanction form. All applications for sanction should be submitted to the state office at least two weeks prior to the event to allow for processing and submitting forms to the national office.


  1. Note that sanctioning of your event is particularly important if you give prize money in order to protect the athletic eligibility of the individual athletes.

  2. Club application fee is $30. If club application is also being made when applying for sanctions, add $30 to total and submit required forms. Club form must accompany fee.

  3. All clubs and events that are USA TRACK & FIELD sanctioned must fill out the trademark license agreement. If one is already on file in the state office, it need not be done again.

  4. If an event is sanctioning under both RRCA and USATF, the association fee is based on whether current club application is on file with state office. Please check to be sure that the club application is completed to receive the lower fee. Annual fee to claim RRCA status is $50. All forms and fees should be returned to Pam Sikkink, USATF-Montana Registration & Sanctioning, at P.O. Box 1475, Missoula, MT 59806.

  5. If your event requires a certificate of liability, see the appropriate section below.

  6. All forms and fees should be returned to Pam Sikkink, USATF-Montana Registration & Sanctioning, at P.O. Box 1475, Missoula, MT 59806.

Sanction Types

Sanction types include:

  1. Automatic Sanctions
  2. Non-member Sanctions
  3. Regulation 14 Sanctions.

All sanctions are basically the same, except that additional approval and reporting requirements exist for the Regulation 14 sanctions. Contact the Montana Association office to determine which sanction is appropriate for your event.

Sanctions are issued only for track & field meets, road races, cross-country meets and racewalk competitions.

Benefits of USATF Sanctioning

  1. USATF includes all sanctioned events as additional names insured on a $2,000,000 Commercial General Liability insurance. This policy includes liability coverage for negligence claims arising from participants.

  2. A USATF sanction activates the group accidental insurance for individual USATF member athletes injured in the competition. If an event is sanctioned, all USATF card holders, who also carry liability insurance with their membership, are covered by their insurance during travel to and from the event, and while participating in the event.

  3. USATF may intervene on behalf of sanctioned events with respect to scheduling conflicts with other events, disputes concerning the entry of athletes, and failure of athletes and their commercial representatives to honor agreements.

  4. Sanctioned events may be included in calendars published at the local and national levels, as appropriate.

  5. Only USATF sanctioning certifies the eligibility of entered athletes, licenses the payment of athletic funds to athletes, which protects eligibility, and grants permission for the invitation and entry of foreign athletes in an event. Sanctions authorizing the payment of athletic funds or the invitation of foreign athletes require approval by the USA Track & Field national office, as well as the local Association pursuant to Regulation 14 of USA Track & Field Operatin Regulations.

  6. Only USATF sanctioned events are included in the Montana Road Race Series. The series rewards Montana road racers ages 8-99 for their efforts during each Road Race season. It recognizes four outstanding road racers who accumulate the most points during the season, including Male and Female Open Road Racer of the Year, and Male and Female Master Road Racer of the Year. All age-group winners receive certificates of achievement. If an event is not USATF sanctioned, road racers cannot count points for their finish in that event.

Certificates of Liability

Events that need a third-party certificate of liability must fill out a new form developed in 1994. These forms must be filled out BY THE EVENT ORGANIZER each year. They will no longer be filled out by the state office because a signature is required. Those events requiring a third party certificate of liability must make sure that their sanction form arrives in the state office AT LEAST ONE MONTH PRIOR TO THE EVENT. If it does not arrive within this time limit, there is a $100.00 additional fee assessed to the sanction to process the certificate. Please plan ahead. There are no exceptions to this deadline.

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