MISSION STATEMENT: "To inform, educate, guide and motivate; to stimulate young athletes of all abilities and skill to achieve their personal health, fitness and personal goals throughout their lifetime endeavors.

MEMBERSHIP: The track club focuses primarily on athletes between the ages of 8-18 years old, with the largest emphasis on high school athletes. The peak seasons for the program are generally the indoor track & field season for high school athletes between December and February, and the Junior Olympics program in the summer from May to July for all age groups. There is also a fall season for cross-country from October to December. The age groups fall into three categories: 1) elementary, 2) junior high, and 3) high school. The program is also available to athletes in the open and masters divisions, but limited due to the nature of events the club participates in.

The majority of participating members, coaching staff and officers are USATF sanctioned members. However, the success of the program falls on the many volunteers and parents who volunteer their time to program operating. Current membership varies between 50-75 members. General stimulus for the youth program is the Hershey Track & Field Youth Program and USA Track & Field Jr. Olympics. The track club offers two $500.00 scholarships for graduating members pursuing an education beyond high school.

OFFICERS: President – Dave Skelton, Vice-President – Steve Baldus, Treasurer – Mike Hegel, Secretary – Merri Jones, Youth Chair – Linda Stuber

COACHING STAFF: Consists of former members of the track club who are currently in college, or former athlete/coaches residing in the Bozeman area.

PRACTICE SESSIONS: Every Monday and Wednesday during the winter (December-February) and summer (June-August) with fun runs every Wednesday during the spring through fall months with the Big Sky Wind Drinkers. The general public is welcome to participate in the Wednesday fun runs with the "Wind Drinkers"!

EVENTS: The Bozeman Track Club hosts or sponsors a number of track & field or road racing events in the area: